Telephonic P90 is one my innovations around the world of low out pickups. Speaking of “low” I mean LOW. These pickups are based on traditional P90 construction but has been wired with rare Swedish coil wire. This wire brings fat and full coil but sensitive and gentle output resistance.

Tonally these pickups are very dynamic and colourful. The smooth P90 -styled tones are there with out the mud. And with different kinds of components Telephonic P-90 sings clear and bright.

The BJFe FuzzGuitar is also build around this pickup ’cause it´s just the perfect mate for the Björn´s fuzz circuit.  It does not overdrive and choke the fuzz and gives the space, variety and dynamics for the circuit to work properly and how it’s designed.

Check out also the sound sample and hear what happens with Telephonic P90 at the playground called “Out-of-Phase”.


Model: Telephonic P90
Output: 4,5k
Wire: 41 AWG
Magnets: Alnico 5
Covers: Black/White/Cream/Metal
Notes: Available as RWRP matched set for noiseless mid positions

Sound samples