Frequently Asked Questions:

Were can I find these guitars?

At the moment the most of my orders comes straight to the shop and the order process is totally run by Luthier him self. So you can be very sure about full customer service and care for your needs.

I do have some partners and agents around Europe and U.S. who also can help you.

What´s the price level and how is the payment policy?

These are custom instruments, made by order so every piece of them are individuals, likewise are the prices. And the price comes by the specification like different woods, bridge construction, pickup set, etc.  Also customers location effects to the shipping costs and taxes.

  • But let’s say at the moment the starting level is 4000 – 5500€ ($4400-6000), Including VAT 24%.
  • Deposit cost for orders:  1000€/$1200
  • After Order request is accepted and Deposit is paid, the building process begins. If customer cancels the order deposit is not refunded.
  • Payments can be handled with Bank transfer or Paypal  or TransferWise. (Transfer costs will be added to the total price)
  • Waiting time at the moment: 12 months


Is there worldwide shipping?

Yes. With shipping I use UPS. They have worldwide “Door-to-Door” shipping and I have found that they have good, fast and reliable service.