Luthier Saku Vuori:

I just decided to start building something I truly like myself.

Back in the days at spring 2008 I graduated as an Artisan of Lutherie from Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design. After that I worked as an apprentice for Master Luthier for 4 years. Another place I did some training during school time was in Lakewood Guitars in Giessen, Germany.

Starting one mans guitar workshop

After those 4 years of experience about the lutherie field and entrepreneurship in general, I decided to try my own wings and established my own workshop Vuorensaku – Hand-Customized Instruments & Repairs . During the spring and summer of 2012 I acquired and fixed a place from an old bakery house at Nisulankatu, in Jyväskylä middle Finland. So I’ve been working on guitars for 10 years now on. Mostly I have worked with repairs, maintenance and custom jobs but making custom instruments to my own T. Family collection has taken a bigger part of my daily work.

T.Family Collection

My very first own instrument collection became to take shape at Dec 2014. I just decide to start building something I truly like myself. My love ones the offsets were the base of everything. Then I started to draw, shape and mash up with some classics like Fender Jazzmaster, Teles and Mosrites and there it was. The collection is called “The T. Family”. My passion for reliced and aged styled has inspired from old Finnish houses and furniture from 1950’s. With my custom pickups my full-service concept is to make my customers wishes come true.


I’m also proud that I make the pickups by myself. Every pickup set and replacements are individuals and made with specs every customer wants it to be. Offcourse I’ve been working on my own collection here too. My low-output concept is called “El Kamiina” (means some old stove). One big innovation I have found and used with them is old Finnish coil wires from 1970’s. The thing with them is very low output levels.

Other jobs

Along with the business I have also worked as a guitar tech with touring artists and as a part-time teacher in the Folk School and a bandschool called Rock Academy in my home town. And after all this I’ve been playing some doublebass with couple of bands and projects just for clearing my head and having fun and feeling little bit “a rock star” my self.