T.Family Red Vibe with BJFe continues the special run of T.Family guitars with Build-in effects. Now it was time for VIBE!

My guru with effects, Sir Björn Juhl joined me for this project again and had a suitable design for this project called “Mint Green Mini Vibe”. It’s a smooth old-school vibe with simple controls in small size. That’s a perfect match with my own Telephonic P90 that gives a dynamic combination.

The theme for the guitar itself came by the inspirational Karelian Deadwood pine as a body material combined with the most original colour – “Falu röd” (Punamulta in Finnish). Or actually not just a colour but the paint it self. Very traditional house paint made from soil with iron oxide. That’s the red colour in it! These two elements brings the feeling of your grandmothers cabin by the small garden, apple trees, sauna and a lake. And the old-school vibe on dusty metal plates makes the picture complete. That’s the idea on  The Red Vibe.



Model: T.Junior Red Vibe with BJFe
Date: 8/2018
Body: Karelian Deadwood Pine
Neck: Canadian Rock Maple – Converse Headstock
Fretboard: Canadian Rock Maple
Neck profile: ’59 LP (23-25mm)
Scale: 25,5″ (647,7mm)
Nut: 43mm Elk Bone
Fretboard radius: Compound 9,5 to 10″
Frets: 21 – Wagner 2,4/1,2mm – Stainless Steel
Hardware: Aged Nickel/Aluminium
Tuners: Gotoh “Deluxe”
Bridge: Faber Tune-O-Matic
Pickup: Vuorensaku Telephonic P90
Controls: Volume & Tone + Build-in Mini Vibe from BJFe
Finish: Aged “Falu Röd”, Satin NC-Lacquer
Owner: Oliver Horst

Björn Juhl explains The Vibe Guitar