Billy Gibbons has it now!!

Gibbons kollaasi

Legendary Billy Gibbons didn’t left from Finland with empty hands!!

“Vuorensaku – Mr Deadwood” is a custom-made instrument for Rev. Gibbons with 24 7/4″ scale, chambered Karelian deadpine body and machined aluminium hardware.

As a young luthier I must thank Rev. Gibbons from bottom of my heart to accepting this instrument to his collection and giving me such an enormous promotion by taking it on stage!!
I hope he enjoys too and I wish I can be at his service again some day.

Here’s a video from Seinäjoki Show 16.7.2016


I’m pleased to inform that my new dealer at Stockholm, Sweden is legendary Halkans Rockhouse!!


Fuzz Guitar Show 2016

See you there!!


Guitarmaking course at Creater!!

At last the long-awaited guitarmaking course begins wednesday 23.3. at Creater work shop!!

Course runs every wednesday at 17:00-20:00 a clock!

Price: 30€/day + Sub fee (50€/month)

Be there!
For more info:

Creater1 review about the “S.Kamiina” -pickup set!! and Martin Berka made a review and searching analysis about my Vuorensaku Custom Pickups “S.Kamiina” -pickup set.



Turenki Tonefest is here again!!

Legendary Turenki Tonefest -expo on next sunday 18.10. at 10-18!

Event gathers up the most biggest names on Finnish lutherie scene, amp and pedal makers and offers a stiff setting of live music and clinics by Finnish pro musicians. The event takes place at idyllic train station of  Turenki.




Tampere Guitar Show

5.-6.6. Tampere Go-Go!!
Awesome Tampere Guitar Festival week ends to Tampere Guitar Show where all the Finnish frontline guitar builders welcome you to their stands!

Of course VUORENSAKU is there too!!

On my stand there’s going to be couple of my newest T.-series beauties on traditional guitar pickups etc.

Come to say hello!


Happy Holidays!


Workshop rests for Christmas: 19.12-6.1.

Many thanks all customers and partnes! It’s been a great year!


* Giftcards for Christmas *

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Vuorensaku – Giftcard!!
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Maintenance, Repairs & Customizing for stringed instruments

I offer all kinds of maintenance, repairs and customizing for stringed instruments. My specialities include guitars, basses, mandolins etc. The prize list is representative, but multiple types of speciality work is also possible. Tell me about your needs with the contact form provided at this web page.

Building  Stringed instruments

I make hand-crafted custom instruments like electric guitars and basses. Tell me about your wishes and let’s design an instrument of your dreams together. Please don’t hesitate to ask also about other instruments such as banjos and mandolins etc.

Make your wish and ask for an offer with the form on the Contact page.


Pickups for Electric instruments

Vuorensaku Custom Pickups -microphones are totally custom  and hand-made top quality guitar pickups. From selection you can find pickups for all the common and traditional guitarmodels there is. Customer has a opportunity to affect all the features from all the begining to the special finnishing of the product.

Make your wish and let’s fulfill your needs!

Vuorensaku Custom Pickups T-set


Review By Sam Vilo

Accessories for Stringed instruments

In my shop I sell common accessories for stringed instruments like strings, pickups, bridges, tuners etc. Through my partnerships I’m able to deliver products from all around the world. Feel free to make a wish.

I also sell materials for building instruments.

Guitar tech

If your company, band or an artist needs a service of a guitar technician, I serve cooperative, reliable and most of all professional know-how for you.


If your company, school or course wants to start offering teaching about stringed instruments I can arrange lectures and short courses. Specific content of the course is entirely adjustable to your needs.


Hourly rate for repairs
76€/h (Price Inc VAT 24%)
Minimum charge
Full trimming of instrument
114€ (and up + strings)

Includes among others a total cleaning for an instrument, check and adjustment of tuners, check and adjustment of a saddle, check and polishing of frets, cleaning of a fretboard, replacing of strings, the adjustment of the neck and action, check and adjustment of a bridge, fine tuning, check of electrical components, adjustment of the height and balance of microphones as well as an estimation of the need for any other kind of maintenance.

Leveling of frets
152€ (and up + equipment)

Leveling of worn or uneven frets and faulty shaped neck. Includes the full trimming of the instrument. Replacing of frets 10€/a piece when done concurrently.

Replacement of frets
350€ (and up + equipment)

Replacing of all frets. Various sizes of frets available. (Please notice lacquered fretboards may need additional finish)

Making or replacing of saddle
76€ (+ Blank)
Making or replacing of a bridge bone
76€ (+ Blank)
Repair of cracks
152€ (and up per crack)

The structural repair of top-, side- or bottom cracks with appropriate materials.

Retouching of cracks
152€ (and up per crack)

The retouch coloring and finishing of a repaired crack.

The reset of a neck of an acoustic instrument
450€ (and up)

Reattachment of a neck and/or changing of a faulty neck angle.
(May need a retouch/refinish of neck joint)

Regluing of a bridge
152€ (and up)
Repairing of a broken neck
400€ (and up)

Retouching and minimum requirements will effect the price.

Reshaping of a neck profile
350€ (and up)

Required refinishing/coating will effect the price.

Replacing of tuners
76€ (and up)

Electrical work

Replacing a microphone (electric guitar)
76€ (next 10€/a piece)
Waxing of a microphone
76€ (a piece)
Replacing of a potentiometer
38 – 76€
Replacing of a connector switch
38 – 76€
Replacing of a jack
38 – 76€
Changing or installing of a microphone (acoustic instrument)
76 – 152€ (+ new microphone)


Vuorensaku Custom Pickups

Vuorensaku Custom Pickups are a special part of product range from Vuorensaku Hand-Customized Instruments & Repairs.

Pickups are built respecting traditional ways and values of handcrafts. They are wound and manufactured entirely by hand, using only the best materials available, by the founder Luthier S. Vuori himself.

The philosophy is not to invent the wheel again but rather to build on tradition, respecting the knowledge and legacy of the all time masters of manufacturing guitar pickups.

Whether you make music on an amateur or professional level, Vuorensaku Custom Pickups are answer your needs to “Make sense to your sound.”

Every pickup and replacement-set is individual and custom-made for every customer. They are identified with a serial number and registered on books based on bobbin model, output level, wire thickness, winding direction, magnets, polarity and the most of all, You, the first owner.

The lifetime warranty for pickups includes internal coil brakes, awkward feedbacks or weakened magnets.

Concerning assembly I suggest you turn to a local, professional luthier to avoid any problems and damages to the product or your instrument.

For more special instructions please write a message in PAYPAL CHECK OUT SITE.


S-style Sets:

These sets are made for updating your Strat -styled guitars for the next level. On the list there’s few basic options of my collection but like all the Vuorensaku Custom Pickup sets these are totally custom work.

Please feel free to ask for more option and features for S-sets specifications.

Sound Sample:

E.S. MK2


Output levels: N-5,8k M-5,8k B-6,2k

Magnets: Alnico 5

Wire: 42AWG

Shadow of Hank:

Output levels: N-5,0k M-5,0k B-5,5k

Magnets: Alnico 2

Wire: 42AWG

El Kamiina:

Output levels: N-2,0k M-2,0k B-2,0k

Magnets: Alnico 5

Wire: 40AWG


Special needs:


These sets are made for updating your Tele -styled guitars for the next level. On the list there’s few basic options of my collection but like all the Vuorensaku Custom Pickup sets these are totally custom work.

Please feel free to ask for more option and features for T-sets specifications.


Output levels: N-5,0k B-6,0k

Magnets: Alnico 5

Wire: N-43 AWG   B-42AWG

El Kamiina:

Output levels: N-1,8k B-3,0k

Magnets: Alnico 5

Wire: N-40 AWG   B-40AWG

Vuorensaku Custom Pickups T-set

Special needs:


These sets are made for updating your P90 -featured guitars for the next level. On the list there’s few basic options of my collection but like all the Vuorensaku Custom Pickup sets these are totally custom work.

Please feel free to ask for more option and features for T-sets specifications.

Cream dog P-90-setti

Special needs:


Coming soon..


Coming soon..

Bass pickups:

These pickups are made for updating your bass for the next level. On the list there’s few basic options of my collection but like all the Vuorensaku Custom Pickups  these are totally custom work.

Please feel free to ask for more option and features for T-sets specifications.


Special needs:





In the spring of 2008 I graduated as an Artisan of Lutherie  from Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design (IKATA). My main teacher was Anssi “Mjestar” Nuutinen. Other professional luthiers whose knowledge I was able to draw from were Rauno Nieminen, Jyrki Pölkki, Tero Siromaa and Tuomas Eriksson.

Practical training I completed (in 4 months) with Master Ari-Pekka Paasonen in his JaSeSoi workshop in Jyväskylä. Another part of my training (in 2 months) I completed in Lakewood Guitars in Giessen, Germany.

During my studies I made altogether eight instruments, these included traditional, electric as well as acoustic instruments.

Autumn 2008 I started my own firm named “vuorensaku”. The idea was to offer repairs, maintenance, along with all kinds of services related to string instruments and lutherie. In the beginning I worked as an “apprentice” for Master Paasonen.

After four years of experience about the field and entrepreneurship in general, I decided to try my own wings and established my own workshop. During the spring and summer of 2012 I acquired and fixed a place at Nisulankatu, next to Sepäntori in Jyväskylä, part of an old bakery house. With a little help from The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), I was able to invest to quality tools and equipments. I started to work at my own workshop at full speed in October 2012.

Along with the business I have worked as a part-time teacher of lutherie in the Folk School of Jyväskylä. During these three years my students have been able to make several fine instruments, while gathering knowledge and experience for both students and teacher alike.


Open: Mon-Fri  (9-17)

Nisulankatu 78 (back yard) 40720 JYVÄSKYLÄ
050 309 9438




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